Boujee Soy Candle
  • Boujee Soy Candle


    Rain drops. Drop tops (even if it’s leased). Avo on toast. Designer t-shirts. Maybe you’re buying for the boujee person that has everything or maybe you’re boujee on a budget. Regardless, this candle smells as fresh as your new drip and feels as good as ordering the most expensive bottle of Champagne on the menu for your mates.

    What room should you burn this in? The front entrance. That first impression is everything. Remember, it’s not what you have, it’s what people think you have.

    Buy it for: Your niece who considers herself an influencer, your friend that’s just bought a house in the golden triangle or maybe it’s for yourself and you need to flex in front of your friends or work colleagues. You’re feeling yourself and you need to assert your dominance so they recognise how superior you are.

    Top notes: green leaf, citrus peel, fig

    Middle Notes: basil, mint, sage

    Bottom notes: cinnamon, wood