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Our brand Olive The Labels main promise is being transparent with our customers. According to a fashion revolution “transparency requires that companies know who makes their clothes - from who stitched them right through to who dyed the fabric and who farmed the cotton - and under what conditions.” we promise to strive for a fully transparent business, from our fabrics to our studio practices.

  • We promise to source only vintage / reclaimed fabrics to give them a new life and not let them go to waste.

  • We promise to support local brands and include/promote them through our 

  • We promise to keep out work space plastic free to the best of our ability

  • We promise to have minimum wastage by donating fabrics that don't get used and by using left of scraps to make smaller items such as scrunchies.

  • We promise to be fully transparent with out customers and make sure they all their questions are answers to get one step closer to fixing the fashion industry to shift the way “we produce, sell, consume and dispose of clothes”.


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