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My brand is a carefully designed handmade label made in Australia that beleieves in Ethical and Sustainable practice. 

At Olive the label we embrace all things colourful and funky whilst saving the environment one outfit at a time. With the fashion industry being the leading cause of pollution we as a brand want to be doing as much as we can to take one step closer to a better future.

Olive the Label is a tribute to my grandmother Mavis Olive, whose middle name was passed down to me. She was one of may rural Australian women during the 1960s whose job was to provide for her family of 5 kids through clothing. She and many other women were the original up cyclers, changing and altering clothing as they got passed through the family. They made sure they made the most out of each piece, altering it to suit the style and personality of each child.
Rural women were doing this form of recycling out of necessity to provide for their family’s, which Olive The Label is now repeating as a form of sustainability, altering and reusing vintage pieces and fabrics that have their own past stories to now help modern girls create new ones


Our brand Olive The Labels number one promise is to be one hundered percent transparent with our customers.  From our studio practices to our fabrics we promise to strive for a fully transparent buisness . Like ... said in a fashion revolution article “transparency requires that companies know who makes their clothes - from who stitched them right through to who dyed the fabric and who farmed the cotton - and under what conditions”.
1. W promise to source and use only vitnage/reclaimed fabrics to give them a new life and not let them go to waste.
2. We promise to support local brands and include/promte them through our buisness. 
3. We promise to keep our work space plastic free to the best of our avility 
4. We promise to have minimum wastage by donating fabrics that get used and by making the most our of left over fabric scrap to make smaller items such as scruchies/accessories. 
5. We promise to be fully transparent with our customers and wake sure that all their questions are answered to help get on step closer to fixing the fashion industry by influencing a shift in the way we sell, consume, produce and dispose of clothes.

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